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I won’t post many things here, but you’re welcome to take a look!

I’m but a simple reader, dreaming of being an author (?).

  • Devourer – Chapter 5

    27 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 5 – Dark Cave I wake up in a dark cave. It feels damp in here, with distant sounds of water. The cold air inside is unpleasant. I quickly get up from the cold, seemingly made of stone, floor. “Where am I?”, I ask myself. [I am unable to answer.] Unexpectedly, my System responds.… Leia mais

  • Devorador – Prólogo

    19 de outubro de 2019 por

    Capítulo 0 – Introdução No início, não havia nada. Até mesmo o conceito de ‘nada’ não existia. Era puramente… nada. Até que, por um milagre, algo foi criado dentro daquele nada… O conceito de ‘nada’. ‘Nada’ era simples:Era a falta de ‘tudo’. O ‘frio’ causado pela falta de calor. O ‘escuro’ causado pela falta de… Leia mais

  • Devourer – Chapter 4

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 4 – Awakening I awakened, laying inside an empty space. ‘An unremarkable place.’ I said. Or did I? There was nothing in here. Only a vast domain of nothingness. There was ‘Nothing’. I got up. Or did I? There is no ground to get up from, after all. I walked forward. Or was it… Leia mais

  • Devourer – Chapter 3

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 3 – Creating a Character! [Character Status successfully reset!] [Transferring Seven to the Character Creation room…] I hurriedly close my eyes, awaiting the blinding light coming onto my face. However, I didn’t feel any of the light. “Huh?” I open my eyes slowly. The moment I open my eyes, a ball of light appears… Leia mais

  • Devourer – Chapter 2.4

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 2.4 – The Tutorial “Open Status!” Level 1 (10%) Name: Seven Race: Human Energy: Ether Class: Beginner Status: Tired, Injured Titles: * Rookie ( ) Attributes: HP: 25/110 EP: 6/10 SP: 1/20 Stats: STR: 3(+2) DEF: 3(+2) AGI: 2(+1) DEX: 1 INT: 1 WIS: 1 Points: Stat Points: 0 Skill Points: 1 Special Points:… Leia mais

  • Devourer – Chapter 2.3

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 2.3 – The Tutorial Finally I can battle! [Creating a Goblin…] [Successfully created a Goblin Beggar!] An ugly green Goblin with almost no clothing, except for a piece of cloth, appears before me. Ding! [You have received a new Task!] Defeat the Goblin! (G-Rank Mission) Completing Conditions: * Defeat the Goblin with Cut or… Leia mais

  • Devourer – Chapter 2.2

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 2.2 – The Tutorial My vision turns white again. ‘Damn it’, I think to myself, as I’m nearly blinded four times in a row. I find myself inside of an ancient arena. I think it has roman origins? [Welcome to the Battle Section of the tutorial.] [In here, you’ll learn the basics of fighting.]… Leia mais

  • Devourer – Chapter 2.1

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 2.1 – The Tutorial I’m nearly blinded again by the sickening light that penetrates even my closed eyelids. I found myself inside a titanium-white room. [The tutorial stage will now begin.] [Due to the advances of game technology, you can now move inside the game as you would in the real world.] [To proceed… Leia mais

  • Devourer – Chapter 1

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 1 – The Start … Is what was shown in the teaser for the newest VRMMORPG “Path to Greatness”. I’ve been excited for this game to come out since the teaser appeared. Imagine! The first VRMMORPG game to have such grand scale! However, the game was still being developed for more than 30 years… Leia mais

  • Devourer – Prologue

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Chapter 0 – Introduction At first, there was nothing. Even the concept of ‘nothing’ didn’t exist. It was pure… nothing. Until, by some miracle, something was created inside that pure nothing… The concept of ‘nothing’. ‘Nothing’ was simple: It was the lack of ‘everything’. The ‘coldness’ caused by the lack of heat. The ‘darkness’ caused… Leia mais

  • Something about myself.

    5 de outubro de 2019 por

    Initially, I thought creating a wordpress account was a hassle. Now? Here I am! Since I started my novel (I guess you can call it that), I’ve wanted to share it with others. However, from where I am from, people don’t really talk or read english… If you have any suggestions, feel free to give… Leia mais

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